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Meet Our Pro-Staff

We are in the process of updating our staff page, check back often for new updates!

Andrea Barkley

Andrea Barley has been with SLG2, Inc since 2022 as an instructor. A retired veteran, she brings joy and confidence to people through her passion to introduce people to safety and  shooting sports.

Stacie Bohanan

Stacie Bohanan joined SLG2, Inc in 2020 as a Safety Council Member and Firearms Instructor, fueled by a childhood in East Tennessee and 20+ years in law enforcement. Passionate about empowering women in shooting sports through her USCCA instructor certification.


TBuzz has been a Pro Staff Certified Firearms Instructor and Member of the Safety Council since 2021.  TBuzz started in shooting sports in 2015, after attending the Citizens Police Academy. She decided to purchase a firearm for personal protection and sought training to become a safe and responsible firearms owner.

Kelsey Crouch

Kelsey joined SLG2 in 2023 after a college home invasion led her to embrace shooting sports for self-defense and now passionately empowers other women through her role.


Suzi Greenlee

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Carly Hale

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Connie Harrison

Connie Harrison

Connie Harrison has been a firearms instructor with SLG2, Inc since 2021. She is passionate about helping others and spending time with her family and friends.


Shawn Hawke

Inspired by her son Ethan, Shawn found joy in archery, and shares the confidence and stress relief archery provides. Shawn has been with SLG2, Inc since 2023.

Amy Hess

Since 2023, Amy Hess has been an SLG2, Inc instructor, she relishes empowering students by demystifying stigmas.

Rebecca King

Rebecca King is a strong, conservative Christian and a U.S. Navy veteran who loves spending time with her husband and three children. She also enjoys hiking, fitness, Bible studies, traveling, and entertaining. She works in the training department at Wilshire Gun in Oklahoma City, where she teaches a variety of classes. She also serves as…

Angie Kokes

Raised at the foot of the Nebraska Sandhills by a family who loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Angie Kokes learned early on that if you want something you better be willing to work for it. She attributes the character and values she has today to being raised with a never quit attitude. Angie began hunting…

Erica Lulloff

Erica has been  an archery instructor with SLG2, Inc since 2022.  She empowers women with the ability to overcome “can’t”, and shows the joy found in archery.



Sloan Lyons

Sloan Lyons, an archery instructor since 2015 at SLG2, was inspired by childhood hunting experiences with her father. Passionate about teaching women to shoot.


Ashleigh Mallard

Ashleigh Mallard is a wife and mother of three (2 boys and 1 girl) living in the upstate of South Carolina. She’s been shooting guns and photos since she was young. Shooting her first gun at 10 years old and picking up the camera when she was 15. She is so excited to be able…

Debi Martin

Debi Martin, passionate about shooting sports through family influence, has been an archery instructor at SLG2 since 2012, combining her love for teaching, hunting, and travel.

Jan Bailey Martin

Jan Martin joined the SLG2 instructor team in 2023, propelled by a passion for shooting sports sparked during a License to Carry class. She focuses on empowering women through firearms for self-defense and confidence-building.


Kelly Mason

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Brittany O'Connor

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Diane Martinez

Diane Martinez joined SLG2, Inc in 2022, drawn by her love for the outdoors and desire to share her passion for shooting sports.

Donna McDonald

About Donna: My husband, Jake, and I own and operate Upper Canyon Outfitters, a guest ranch and fly fishing & hunting outfitter in Southwest Montana. Our ranch was homesteaded by my grandfather in 1910, and we raised our two children here, with our daughter now living in Bozeman and our son in Washington DC. I…

Brittany O'Connor

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Dr. Lisa Orick-Martinez

Dr. Orick-Martinez  has been on the SLG2 Inc team since 2029, she started shooting in her youth and is passionate about introducing women and families to shooting sports.

Michelle Owens

Coming Soon

Chelsey Petit

Chelsey has been an archery instructor with SLG2, Inc since 2014. She’s an outdoors girl from Wisconsin who shares her love of archery with everyone.

Kelly Phillips

Kelly Phillips, a passionate about firearms, became an SLG2 instructor in 2021. She values mentorship and enjoys empowering others through shooting sports.


Stephanie Smith

Stephanie, an instructor at SLG2, Inc since 2022, began shooting in high school and is passionate about self-defense and firearm safety. 

Melanie Totenbier

Melanie, a dedicated firearms instructor since 2023, is passionate about self-defense and empowering individuals and families through safe living.

Leslie Colter

My name is Leslie Cotner, I’m 46 years old and I Love the outdoors. I shoot archery competitions in many different states on a national level, I enjoy hunting and fishing. I live in Conway Arkansas and 1 one son who is 26 and 1 grandson that is 8 mos and my pride and joy.…

Raneigh Valkovec

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Suzetta Wise

I am an avid outdoorswoman finding pleasure in all things outdoors. My family has always had a small farm. We try to live off the land from season to season between gardening, gathering, hunting, and fishing. We have always fished and hunted as a way of life and also for the sport. I enjoy barrel…

Brielle Glidden

Brielle grew up in the high desert mountains of southern Arizona, where her love for hunting and outdoors was sparked and fostered by her Father. She picked up shooting in her high school years that allowed her to compete around the United States and eventually in college. Moving to Nebraska after college, she was challenged…
Coming Soon

Jessica Minor

I was raised in Georgia by parents that did not hunt or shoot and knew very little about firearms. It wasn’t until my late teens that a close friend and hunting/gun advocate took the time to teach me how to shoot. The first time I went to the range with him, I cried because I…