Meet Our Pro-Staff

Traci Taylor

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Tammy Mayfield

About Tammy: I was raised around guns and learned to respect them at an early age. However, hunting was not a part of our household. It was until I met my wonderful husband in 2003, who introduced me to hunting world. At first, I didn’t think it was my thing. I wanted nothing to do…

Suzi Greenlee

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Suzetta Wise

About Suzetta: I am 33 years old and an avid outdoorswoman finding pleasure in all things outdoors. My family has always had a small farm. We try to live off the land from season to season between gardening, gathering, hunting, and fishing. We have always fished and hunted as a way of life and also…

Susan Hansen

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Susan Dillman

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Stacy Sissney

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Stacy Mitchum

About Stacy I am a 3rd grade teacher at Charleston Elementary School in Charleston, AR. I have been married to my amazing husband, Donnie, for 15 years. I have three equally amazing “bonus” children which I love as my own; Laura (29), Aaron (28) and Amalie (22). We have two precious grandsons. There are two…

Sloan Williams

About Sloan: I am 23 years old and have been going hunting with my dad since I was 3 years old. My sister Samantha and I have our own dog training business that we have been running since 2011. How I got involved in shooting and or hunting: I guess you could say I was…

Shasta Sitton

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Sarah Morton

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Sara Giles

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Rebecca King

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Miranda Haviland

About Miranda: I was born and raised in southwest Montana and have lived in Montana my entire life. I grew up on a cattle ranch with my three brothers. My dad had me start shooting when I was about four years old just at targets. When I got older we would go out and hunt…

Lisa Reyes

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Lindsay Hart

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Leslie Murphy

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Leslie Colter

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Lauren Jenkins

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Laura Moore

About Laura: I was born in 1989, I live in Shelby, Ohio, and I am a kindergarten teacher at Galion Primary School. I graduated from Shelby High School in 2008 and from Ashland University in 2013. I received two teaching licenses: Early Childhood Education (Pre-K-3), and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (Pre-K-3). I’ve participated in cheerleading,…

Lana Van Winkle

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Kristy Titus

About Kristy: With a shared passion and love of the outdoors, Kristy is honored to serve as an ambassador for Cabela’s, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, RMEF’s Team Elk Television Show, Swarovski Optik, Buck Knives, Montana Silversmiths and Wilderness Athlete. Her greatest hope is to inspire others, giving them the confidence to tackle the most…

Kelsey Stewart

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Kelly Mason

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Julie McDonald

About Julie: I grew up in suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio and enjoyed playing various team sports (soccer, basketball and fast-pitch softball). My hometown was a city and I was never really exposed or taught shooting sports until I met my husband in college. I did not have any friends that hunted and grew up scared…

Jill Sadler

About Jill: I am married to a wonderful man that thankfully shares the same love for the outdoors and bow hunting as me. We have been together for 10 years and have a 14 year old daughter and a 4 month old son, Jackson Hoyt Sadler. For the past 7 years, I have been a…

Jill Pisani

About Jill: Hello from Pennsylvania! My name is Jill Pisani (Hazi) and I am 25 years old, recently married. I have been involved in competitive archery shooting for over 13 years now and it has become not just a hobby for me, but it has also become a lifestyle. During the off seasons of target…

Jessica Fisher

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Jennifer Holton

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Janeen Wyatt

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Jamie Meyer

About Jamie: I live in Norman Oklahoma. I work full time at the District Attorney’s Office. I also own two businesses: Meyer Designs which is a Bullet Jewelry Company ( . I also own Oklahoma Gun Training which is a Firearms Training Company ( . I have 2 yorkies and a cockatiel. I started shooting…

Heather Beavers

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Emily Reinert

About Emily: I am a 27 year old female who currently works in the healthcare field and am continuing my education to gain my Masters of Nursing, taking general education courses until moving on to the University of Minnesota in the upcoming year. I live in central Minnesota, in a suburb of the cities of…

Donna McDonald

About Donna: My husband, Jake, and I own and operate Upper Canyon Outfitters, a guest ranch and fly fishing & hunting outfitter in Southwest Montana. Our ranch was homesteaded by my grandfather in 1910, and we raised our two children here, with our daughter now living in Bozeman and our son in Washington DC. I…

Diane Danielson

I started shooting as a junior .22 Rifle competitor in 1967 and have been shooting nearly every firearm discipline ever since. I began hunting with my dad and older brothers when I was 13 and found the joys of small game (rabbit and squirrel) and upland birds. Of course, that later expanded to waterfowl, deer…

Debi Martin

About Debi: I am a simple girl with a big love for the great outdoors. I spend most of my time with my family hunting, fishing and shooting archery tournaments. I am very fortunate to be married to a lover of the outdoors as well. My husband Brad has supported me and always helped me…

Debbie Essex

About Debbie: I am married to Ray and we have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. I have lived in several places Ray was in the military for 22 years. I like to ride horses, sew, hunt and shoot archery. How I got involved in shooting and or hunting: I got into hunting and shooting with…

Colleen Payne

About Colleen: I am a native New Mexican born and raised in a hunting culture. My family instilled in me at an early age that every animal harvested had its life taken to further the lives of our family and it was our duty as outdoorsmen to be stewards of the land and wildlife. My…

Cindy Minor

About Cindy I am a mother of two awesome kids, Cassie and Seth, and wife to a wonderful husband, Doug. I received my Masters of Science from Oklahoma State University and I am a full time Engineering Program Manager for NASA space programs at Frontier Electronic Systems and part time Teaching Assistant for the Engineering…

Christina Krajcsovics

About Christina: I am a 40 year old mom with 3 great kids. I am a full-time military; Prior Army currently in the Air National Guard. I love everything outdoors. I love hunting and fishing and I love spending time in the outdoors with my family. I love archery tournaments and watching my kids compete.…

Chelsey Petit

Im a 24 year old mother of one spunky little lady. Born and raised in Wisconsin. Age 18, I enlisted into the U.S. Air Force and have 7 years of service. My husband is Active Army and due to his service left good ole’ Wisconsin and became Kentucky residents. How did you get involved in…

Cassie Minor

About Cassie I like archery as a sport because it doesn’t have coaches that yell at you like other sports do. I don’t have to worry about letting team members down because I mainly shoot against myself. I set a goal I want to meet and I work to make that goal. If I make…

Brook McDonald

About Brook: I am eleven years old and in 6th grade. I love to sing, dance, perform in musicals, the outdoors, hunting, rc cars, and archery. My whole family enjoys archery. How many years have you been involved in Shooting or Hunting? Shooting 8, Hunting 2 Do you shoot Bow or Firearm? both How did…

Brielle Glidden

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Beth Edwards

About Beth: My name is Beth Edwards and I live is south Alabama. I am married and have two sons, ages 24 & 16 years old. I am a Registered Nurse and a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I am currently the Director of Operations at our local clinic and love every aspect of my job.…

Ashley Haag

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April Mack

About April: My family is strong in faith and we rely on each other. I am 41-years old and am married to my high school sweetheart, recently celebrating 21-years. We have 2 kids; a 19 year old daughter with special needs and a 12 year old son. Our son is following in the footsteps of…

Ann Nimmer

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Angie Kokes

Raised at the foot of the Nebraska Sandhills by a family who loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Angie Kokes learned early on that if you want something you better be willing to work for it. She attributes the character and values she has today to being raised with a never quit attitude. Angie began…

Amy Ray

About Amy: I am married to my best friend and hunting partner Scott. I live in the north Georgia Mountains with my two boys, Alex 15 Christopher 20 and step sons Mitchell 26 and John 27. I have a degree in Geology and specialize in industrial mineral technology. I am a technical account manager with…

Amy Hunter

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Amy Crooks

About Amy: I am currently a Registered Nurse on the Dementia Unit at one of the local nursing homes. I have worked at the nursing home for the past 11 years. My first job growing up (during middle/high school) was working at an archery retail shop. I have been married to my wonderful husband (Josh)…

Amanda McGinnis

About Amanda: I am a single mom who is passionate about the outdoors! My son and I do everything together, from traveling to and from rodeos, to shooting bows and hunting together! I have a wonderful family who supports me in all of my fun hobbies. How I got involved in shooting and or hunting:…