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About Us

15 Years of History – Over the Years

Over 15 years, 36,578 guests have participated in SLG2, Inc experiences. 

From 2009 to December of 2013, the bare bones company operated in a 10’ x 20’ booth space, with a goal to introduce women to archery.  During that time, equipment was transported in Todd’s truck until the first trailer, a 6×10 enclosed unit, was purchased.  The booth had Kevlar netting hanging behind a target on a wood box, a rack of bows for guests to try, a cardboard table with vinyl signs draped across it, and racks of hunting clothes for women.  During that time, 5,105 women were given the opportunity to be “empowered to participate in shooting sports, with confidence!”  Some of the event highlights are listed below:

A person standing next to a table with a sign Description automatically generated2009 – The Company’s first event was at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here SLG2, Inc. met Lois and her daughter.  Lois was an “Archery Mom” and would take her daughter across the county to archery shoots, and then sit in the back and read a book.  She never thought that she could shoot a bow, and had no desire to try.  Her daughter kept brining her back to the booth, saying, “Just try it, Mom!”  Finally, Lois tried it, and she loved it.  A year later she thanked Karen for introducing her to archery and giving her an activity that she and her daughter could do together.  Shoot Like A Girl also hosted its first two Hunt Like A Girl events, one taking a new archer on her first deer hunt, and the second introducing women to archery on an all-girls pheasant hunt.

2010 – Shoot Like A Girl exhibited at several big events, including: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s annual convention, national archery tournaments, and hunting expositions.  This year, Shoot Like A Girl launched an archery tournament, “Shoot For The Girls”, and raised close to $5,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

People standing in a room with a booth Description automatically generated with medium confidence2011 – Shoot Like a Girl continued its schedule of conventions, archery tournaments, and hunting expos. The “Shoot For The Girls” tournament raised another $10,000 for NBCF.  Karen was named one of Outdoor Life’s Top 25 Leaders in Hunting, Fishing and Conservation.  The guests were clearly impacted by the experience, as Paula wrote, Participating in Shoot Like A Girl “made me want to shoot and hunt even more.”

2012 – Shoot Like A Girl logged over 7,000 billboard miles, and attended more events. One guest wrote about her experience, “I LOVED the experience! I was made to feel comfortable and at ease!  I really loved shooting and the feeling was great.  I definitely want to invest in a bow now.  I really appreciate the time that was taken with me and how friendly the conversation was!”

2013 – Shoot Like A Girl expanded its revenue stream by licensing its logo to Game Plan Gear, and selling through the inventory of a Shoot Like A Girl bow case.  As the company continued to hit the business plan milestones, the company expanded its offerings and added firearms introduction to the experience.

December 2013 – Shoot Like A girl debuted a 53’  Mobile Range Trailer at National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada where participants could shoot a pistol, rifle and bow.  The firearms demonstration was done with a FATs simulation system that had recoil, sound and target acquisition.  At the time, this system was only sold to law enforcement and military, but Karen and Todd persuaded Meggitt (now InVeris) to sell them the base system.  At the inaugural event, 900 guests participated in the program.  One guest wrote, “Such a great idea! My mom had never even held a gun before and now she wants to get one.  I’m an avid pistol shooter, but now I really want to get an AR and a compound bow! Great, Great idea!!” This launch was the beginning of a new era for SLG2, Inc.