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Suzetta Wise

I am an avid outdoorswoman finding pleasure in all things outdoors. My family has always had a small farm. We try to live off the land from season to season between gardening, gathering, hunting, and fishing. We have always fished and hunted as a way of life and also for the sport. I enjoy barrel racing and anything to do with my horses. I love kayaking, swimming, softball and anything that can get me in the water. My husband is a head football coach and we LOVE football! We were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 16 years. We do almost everything together except mountain biking and kayaking; he is not that enthused about those two sports of mine!  We do not have any children of our own but we do have two amazing godchildren McKinna and Landon and our ‘furbabies’ – 2 beautiful dogs, 5 horses, and 2 kittens.

We thoroughly enjoy competitive 3D archery. Competitive archery has allowed me to take my shooting abilities to a whole new level. I can honestly say that I am much stronger hunter and shooter since beginning 3D archery. I try to encourage all bowhunters to take up competitive 3D shooting for that same purpose. It is absolutely fun and addictive! I tell everyone – “It’s like golf for archers!” There are many different styles of tournaments that allow numerous shooting opportunities with range and target differences. You may shoot in flat, swampy areas at one tournament or hilly, wooded areas in another tournament. The animals range in size, as well. There are numerous animals and etc. to aim at, like turkeys, beavers, mountain lions, bears, alligators, elk, lions, and etc. The bonus rings vary in their sizes as well, so on the turkey your bonus ring may be the size of a dime or a nickel but most bonus rings are the size of a quarter or half-dollar. Like I said, it is crazy addictive, fun, and educational. I honestly learn something at every tournament I attend!

I have been an elementary school teacher for over 14 years, and am also a National Board Certified teacher.  I have also received my certifications in Oklahoma to teach the National Archery in the Schools Program, Explore Bowhunting class, Hunter Education, Fishing in the Classroom, and Varsity Archery. I am absolutely passionate about the great outdoors and live it 365 days a year or ‘season to season’!

My family started taking me hunting when I was four years old and I have been involved with guns and bows pretty much my entire life. Hunting, fishing, and shooting have always been a part of my life – it’s honestly my family’s heritage. My dad, grandpa, uncles, and even my aunts have influenced my passion for hunting and shooting with guns and bows.

I grew up around ‘deer camp’, shooting, camping, hunting, and fishing of all kinds. When I was four years old my grandpa took me on my first hunting trip in a homemade tree stand, which is only 10 yards from one of the trees I hunt from today! I was not only the first grandchild but the first ‘girl’ in the family. My granny sure hoped that I would be her little princess that stayed clean and pretty. I however chose to be ‘one of the guys’ – just a little more on the cutesy side! I wasn’t your typical girl growing up, as I truly loved watching all of the deer being field dressed and processed out at the ‘corral’ or ‘deer camp’. I would have my family & friends give me pieces of the deer hide, tail, or feet to drag around on a string as toys for my cats and dogs! Now, I don’t want to scare you into thinking that I am as redneck as all get out. Yes, I am definitely country and have some Oklahoma red on my neck but I am also a former rodeo queen with several other crowns to boot! I can get down and dirty but I can definitely look good while sporting my bow or gun! I may be ‘one of the guys’ but I definitely ‘shoot like a girl’!!!!

I am very passionate about hunting, fishing, & anything outdoors and love that Shoot Like a Girl shares my passion. I love nothing more than being a member of such a wonderful organization and help spread this awesome way of life with others! Being an archery instructor for SLG has been such a blessing. I have been able to witness so many wonderful women push themselves to try shooting sports, many of which haven’t ever been around guns or bows. I have also been able to observe so many women’s first shots and the thrill and excitement that comes with that exhilarating, ‘thwack’ of the arrow hitting the target. It’s a feeling that I cannot explain and a feeling I hope to never lose. Watching women take those first shots truly makes my heart swell with true happiness.

I always try promoting hunting and archery in all that I do. For anyone that knows me or talks to me for very long, knows how much I love anything outdoors. I constantly promote hunting through teaching hunter education in the school and even outside the school. Teaching NASP (National Archery Schools in the Program) and ‘Explore Bowhunting’ classes, I have been able to promote not only archery but hunting, as well. My school has developed a very strong NASP program over the past few years. We have become very competitive on all levels (regionals, state, and national). As a NASP coach, I cannot even begin to express the amount of joy and pride that it gives me to see my students share and also love the sport that I am so passionate about. It is such a great feeling to see the kids’ excitement after they shoot their bows and meet new goals. Actually, it is one of my most favorite feelings in the whole world. I absolutely love being an archery coach!

I have also helped many families get their families started in fishing, hunting and archery. I helped several people that have had no clue with purchasing their first bows and guns. I have even given many courses outside of the school to assist with those that wanted to gain more knowledge about basic rifles, shotguns, and compound bows. I am EXTREMELY passionate about what I do and love helping and encouraging anyone to get out there and do whatever makes them happy outdoors, whether it be just target shooting or hunting.


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