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Amy Ray

I am married to my best friend and hunting partner Scott. I live in the north Georgia Mountains with my two boys, Alex, Christopher, and step sons Mitchell, and John. I have a degree in Geology and specialize in industrial mineral technology. I am a technical account manager with a large chemical company. I grew up loving all things outdoors. I only started hunting about five years ago. I am hooked for life.

After the tragedy of losing my first husband to cancer, I met Scott who is an avid outdoorsman. He helped me purchase my first rifle and taught me to deer hunt. He is the president of a 3300 acre hunting club and we spend every weekend at hunt camp during deer season. I have always loved the outdoors and camping so I was excited to give hunting a try. With his encouragement and coaching I have hunted deer, duck, turkey, antelope and elk. I have learned to shoot rifles, shot guns, cross bows and compound bows. I am passing the passion on to my boys and it is wonderful to experience the outdoors and hunting as a family.

As a hunter I am filled with a passion to pass it on.  I never dreamed what I have accomplished would be possible, the confidence and friendships I have made with other women in the outdoors is simply amazing. Any chance I get to take a new hunter out in the field I do it. I have mentored several youth and women who are just starting out. I have learned patience and felt at peace in the quiet woods. Deer hunting is probably the first and only time I felt comfortable being still and quiet for hours. I relish the time I have to myself alone with my thoughts when deer hunting. I am committed to conservation and enjoy my “dirt road” dates with my husband working the land to improve the habitat for wildlife. It’s hard work but very rewarding when you harvest a great buck or big tom turkey. Introducing and supporting women as outdoors persons is something I am committed to. We are a force in the industry and it is being recognized. The best part is having fun along the way. It’s a wonderful journey to take other women on with me. I have such an appreciation for those who have helped me along the way, I feel compelled to pass it on.  It’s been life changing to gain such a great group of lady hunters as my close group of friends.

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