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Benefits to Carrying a Knife Everyday

Back in the day, nearly everyone carried a knife on them.  Many of their lives or jobs depended on it.  My husband’s grandfather was a farmer and almost every time his hand went into his pocket, out came his pocketknife.  He carried that knife for many decades.  Our son now has that pocketknife that belonged to his great grandfather.  The handle is smooth and worn, the blade is a bit thinner from being sharpened, but it still has a good edge.  I’m sure Granddad used that knife thousands of times!

For most people who carried a knife everyday carried one for the mere fact that it was an everyday tool.  It was simply part of getting dressed everyday.  

There are many reasons to carry a knife, and I’m sure you will be able to add to this list.  

The first thing I want to mention is that you must understand what is legal for you carry where you live, understand travel restrictions, etc.  Look up these laws and restrictions for your state.  Always practice safe handling of a knifeMake sure that you cut away from your body.  Don’t try to catch it if you drop it.  Keep the blade sharp and your knife in good shape.  Knives are great tools but they can also cause an injury if mishandled.  

Let’s take a look at some benefits of carrying a knife everyday.

  • Opening boxes and packages – Let’s be honest, how many boxes do you think you received from Amazon last year? Opening boxes with scissors is a pain, and quite frankly, can be dangerous.  Products secured and packaged with zip ties are everywhere.  Avoid running the risk of injury opening a box or package with your kitchen knives or car keys.  
  • Food preparation – This may not be the norm but I have been known to pull out my pocket knife to slice an apple for the grandkids or to open a bag of snacks while we were out and about.  I’ve even used it to cut up a pizza when a knife wasn’t available.   A knife is great to use in a pinch.
  • Survival/emergencies – If you find yourself stranded, or find yourself without power, having a knife can make things so much easier.  Perhaps you find yourself in an emergency situation, having a knife can be the difference between life and death.  Even if you think your chances of needing one are slim, it doesn’t hurt to have one just in case.  This could be anything from cutting a seatbelt, opening first aid packages, cutting sticks, rope, etc.
  • Outdoor sports – Ask any hunter or fisherman and they’ll agree that a quality knife is a must.  Every knife has a specific purpose.  Do a little research on what best suits your need. 
  • Personal protection – If you found yourself in a situation that you felt your life was in danger and you had no way to escape, your knife is now a tool for personal protection.  Again, you may never think that you might need it, but then do we ever think our house will catch on fire? I still have my fire extinguisher just in case.
  • Miscellaneous daily use – screwing and unscrewing tiny screws like the ones used in eyeglasses, cutting that loose thread on clothing or removing a tag, opening mail, prying something open or teasing something out of a crack or crevice.  You may not have a pencil sharpener or you may need to whittle something down in size. 

The benefits of carrying a knife are great.  Other people will use it too.  How often have you heard, “does anyone have a knife?’” You can instantly produce one to someone in need.  Take some time to research knives before deciding on which one to purchase to get the best one for your needs.  A knife is a great addition to what you carry everyday!

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