Chelsey Petit

Im a 24 year old mother of one spunky little lady. Born and raised in Wisconsin. Age 18, I enlisted into the U.S. Air Force and have 7 years of service. My husband is Active Army and due to his service left good ole’ Wisconsin and became Kentucky residents.

How did you get involved in Hunting or Shooting:

I grew up around hunting/shooting and the outdoors from a very young age. Being fortunate enough to have a family cabin for the weekends you grew up loving everything outdoors, and that meant a whole lot of brass for target practice or worms for fishing. My Dad was a huge factor in getting me involved. From getting me my first fishing pole to my first 243, he started my passion for the sport/outdoors. He taught me the “ins and outs” so to speak, how to be a proper hunter in ranges from hunting etiquette, embracing the thrill, appreciateing what the hunt supplied me with, to harvesting properly/ethically, and to never be sorry for doing so. I owe everything I stand for as a hunter to my Dad.

Why I like encouraging/introducing women and beginners into shooting sports/hunting:

I grew up learning from men in a male dominate domain as a young girl. At times it was frustrating trying to gain confidence and not having anyone to relate with me, i felt like there were things that were just to be expected of me to know and at times, rushed. I like helping women so they can avoid that all together. I want them to start out feeling confident, and relaxed, not rushed or in-adequate. That they have full attention and that there are no dumb questions. I think learning from another woman makes things easier and takes the pressure off allot of women and to be able to give them the confidence/tools necessary to avoid having to go through some of my expiriences. I love being able to show them that women really do have a place in a “male domain” and that there’s nothing they can’t do.

Any other outdoor/shooting activities

I would love to see more ladies involved in bird hunting, – partridge/pheasant. Theres nothing better than the rush of a dog flushing out a bird.

3D ARCHERY shoots would be great for beginner bow hunters or even just for fun shooters. I think it would be a huge confidence builder. In the off seasons it’s a great way for me to stay where I need to be but Also a good fun stress reliever.

Musky Fishing – they say it’s the fish of 10,000 casts but when you hook your first one there’s a rush like no other. We of course practice catch and release, but the small lake fish are fair game for dinner!

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