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Being Prepared In The Outdoors

Being prepared in the outdoors can sometimes seem daunting. Bringing everything but the kitchen sink has a deep meaning when you are away from home but let’s face it this just isn’t possible.   So, what do you take when you leave the house for an adventure?  I would answer with “depends on the type of adventure you will have”.  

A small amount of planning and necessities will make for a safer experience.  

When you are headed for the outdoors (camping, hiking, shooting, fishing, etc.) first check the weather be prepared for rain (tarps, poncho, emergency blanket etc.).  One of the quickest ways to get yourself in trouble is cold, wet, and lowered body temperatures.  Think of keeping yourself dry and warm or being able to stay cool in hotter temperatures.  We have all experienced the beginning of hypothermia at one point in our lives, beginning with the body shivering and teeth chattering.   

A first aid kit is a must (build your own with supplies you might need, extra band-aids, RX, tape, gloves, duct tape).  What will you need if you cut yourself, fell and hurt an extremity or had a poisonous plant or insect encounter? 

Packing items that have numerous functions like a multi-use tool. 

The SOG Power Pint multi-use tool has 18 tools in one (easy and compact to store), if you purchase from the link SLG2, Inc may receive a small commission. The pliers, scissors and knife blades are a must, and very assessable.  If you needed to make a shelter, cut wood, pull out porcupine quills when your pup has met one face to face, you have everything you need in one tool.  The SOG Power Pint multi use tool weighs only 4.2 ounces and is only 5” when closed. 

Make sure you have at least 3 ways to start a fire. Fire is a comfort, it’s a heat source, a way to signal, and light (waterproof matches, flint and steel, lighters, and other burnable sources).  Other necessities you may want to consider rope, navigation tools, a GPS satellite communicator, flashlight, whistle and some sort of water filtration system.   

Last, consider what type of bag to carry these basic items in.   One thing to consider is a MAGPUL DAKA POUCH, SLG2, Inc could receive commission from this link.  Different sizes, polymer fabric, welded seams (water resistant) and carabiner attachment points that are great to snap onto another bag.  Fantastic and simple to pack the necessities needed in the outdoors.

Magpul DAKA Bag

These are just some of the basic items needed to help in an emergency or survival situation it’s not the kitchen sink, but it will help to have you prepared for being in the outdoors. Better to have them packed and not need them then to need them and not have them packed. Happy adventuring!

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