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This is serious Important turkey hunting success tips

This is Extremely Serious – Important Turkey Hunting Success Tips

Heading out for turkey hunting? Come prepared to beat mosquitos, ticks, and the elements with gear like Thermacell, Permethrin spray, and comfy TrueTimber camo or dark clothes. Don’t forget a turkey hunting license, your weapon of choice, calls, and a few comforts such as snacks and a seat. Prioritize gun safety and accuracy, learn the art of calling, and stay still for a shot at success. If the hunt triumphs, prepare for the bird’s last flap; no luck—enjoy nature’s calm. Follow these tips for a chance to bag a turkey and enjoy an awesome hunt!

Land Scouting

Its hunting season and you have access to new hunting land and don’t know where

Broadheads- Fixed or Mechanical

It’s an age-old debate among bowhunters, which has been the cause of arguments over the years. Truth is, there is no right or wrong, it simply boils down to personal opinion and preference.

 Why Do You Hunt?

Why do you hunt? This tends to be a common question – especially for woman