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Lisa Orick-Martinez

Dr. Orick-Martinez has been an NRA Certified Firearms instructor and Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor for over 25 years as well as an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer and Regional Training Counselor for Refuse To Be A Victim. Lisa is certified by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety to teach Concealed Carry Weapons Classes. Dr. Orick-Martinez serves on the board of the DOES (Discovering the Outdoors and Experiencing Sportsmanship) committee, under the Mule Deer Foundation and is a Hunter Education instructor with New Mexico Game and Fish.

Dr. Orick-Martinez was the Faculty Adviser of the Central New Mexico Community College Shooting Club for over 17 years, until her retirement from CNM. She is founder of the Lethal Ladies Gun Club and a founding member and Past President of the Women’s Shooting Connection Gun Club. Lisa has shot competitively in Small Bore Silhouette shooting and has participated in Rim Fire competitions.

Lisa has been shooting firearms and archery since her participation in the Hunters Safety Course of Michigan when she was 12 years old. She has also been active in Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) when she was a teen, participating in archery leagues, 3-D shoots and the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA), shooting recurve bows.

Lisa has been featured on WOMEN OF THE NRAwebsite, and was selected along with 11 other NRA female Instructors from around the country to participate in an NRA focus group to come up with ideas to get women interested in the shooting sports. She was selected by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety to participate in a focus group consisting of the top 12 Concealed Carry Weapon instructors from around New Mexico to help shape state policy for instructors.

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