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Janeen Wyatt

Janeen Wyatt was born March 2, 1968 in Oklahoma. Growing up with a dad who hunted and having a husband who hunts she was always around guns and would target practice some, but wasn’t that interested until she decided to get her Carry License. After taking her carry license and her background in karate, you learn, your weapon is an extension of your body. So she began classes in firearms, she wanted to be efficient if she planned on carrying it. So the training began. She is a NRA certified instructor, SDA Firearms Instructor, a Chief Range Safety Officer, and has her Personal Protection in the Home. Along with many hours of training as a student, that will be continued.
She has one sister and later the two sisters married two brothers, which makes their kids double cousins.
Janeen is married to Dennis Wyatt for over thirty four years and they have three amazing sons. Her oldest is a OKC Police officer, her middle son is an electrician, and her youngest works for the post office. The two oldest are married and now she has three grandchildren.
While engaged to her husband, Janeen was followed by a creeper after she left a restaurant with her family. Her only thought was to go to Dennis, he has a gun to protect her. She turned suddenly in hopes to have lost him, but looking out the window of the house that she would soon be living in after they got married, she sees the creeper slowly driving by. She knows going to your home, if being followed, was not the greatest idea, but she was young and afraid and didn’t have any training at that time. This may have been the start of feeling more vulnerable.
Newly married to her husband while he was away on a hunting trip their house was burglarized, thankfully she wasn’t home at the time, but found the door ajar and things missing. The vulnerability she felt was terrible after an experience like that. It took them moving to another house to feel safe again. She doesn’t know if the instances were related or not. This maybe why she got into karate a few years later. She never wanted to feel vulnerable again and wanted a way to protect herself.
Janeen has always been interested in self defense. In her twenties she attained her first degree black belt in Karate and taught a kids karate class for several years. Now she has her third degree black belt and still teaches self defense classes along with being a firearms instructor in Oklahoma. She is passionate about teaching women how to stay aware and how to protect themselves from an attack.
Although she teaches men and women in her Carry Classes, she is passionate about teaching ladies. She is the leader and state leader of a woman’s group and is one of Shoot Like A Girls Pro Staff Instructors too. She is passionate about continuing to train to be a better instructor. She loves teaching others to be more comfortable and confident with their firearm.
She has competed some and has also started to hunt in later years. She is loving her life God has giving her and is very thankful for all the blessings she has. She lives by the rule, God first in your life, your family second, and everything else after that.
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