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Shoot Like A Girl Releases Fourth Quarter Report for 2021

Shoot Like A Girl has released its forth quarter report for 2021, and completing the 2021 Home of the Brave Tour. Shoot Like A Girl hosted three trailer event and hosted over 400 women plus their friends and families at the mobile range. The team traveled to stops at Cabela’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Bass Pro Shops in Katy, Texas; and Bass Pro Shops in Concord, North Carolina.

In the 4th Quarter of 2021, 40% of the guests at Shoot Like A Girl trailer events said that they don’t hunt, but wanted to.  Shoot Like A Girl hosted two Hunt Like A Girl adventures, taking 7 women on a pheasant hunt and 9 women on a duck hunt; both sponsored by Beretta.

“The fourth quarter was full of beautiful memories. New Mexico by far wins one of the prettiest places we’ve been. We went for the 1st week of Balloon Fest, and the trailer was framed by a sky filled with hot air balloons,” said Karen Butler, Founder and President of Shoot Like A Girl. “It’s was a special experience on the hunts, too.  Not only for the relationships made with new hunters, but also because our dogs, Trigger and Skadi accompanied us.  Both dogs had as much fun as our hunters!”

Reaching More Women in 2021

In the fourth quarter, 430 women participated in Shoot Like A Girls’ experience and were introduced to pistol, rifle and bow skills during the Home of the Brave Tour.  During this tour, Shoot Like A Girl donated $100 to local charities at each city they stopped at.  These charities all provide services to either currently serving military, veterans, law enforcement, first responders and firefighter, and/or their families.

In addition to normal operations, a partnership hunt with Hunt Like A Girl and Beretta, Shoot Like A Girl hosted a pheasant and duck hunt.  These hunts are created to break down barriers between women who wish to hunt, provide encouragement and empowerment, and allow women to gain experience and confidence during their adventure.

Fourth Quarter Highlights

Shoot Like A Girl reached out to guests from the fourth quarter, and the numbers speak for the positive impact of the event. Of the guests polled, 14% had purchased one or more firearms in the three weeks post their experience with Shoot Like A Girl and 18% committed to purchasing a firearm in the next six months, and 33% more committed to purchasing a firearm later than six months. Pistol sales are the most popular among Shoot Like A Girl guests, with 73% polled committing to a pistol sale. An overwhelming number of these guests will be making these purchases for home defense and target shooting.

During the Shoot Like A Girl Trailer events, it was found that while 61% of guests already had a positive attitude toward firearms, another 39% now have an approved attitude or opinion on firearms after their experience with Shoot Like A Girl. 29% of guests recruited others to try shooting sports since visiting Shoot Like A Girl.

More insights and statistics, including archery numbers, can be found in the full report.

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