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75 Years of Rugged Reliable Firearms from Ruger

Seventy-five years is quite a milestone in the Firearms industry but that is exactly what Ruger is celebrating this year.  As with many long-standing successful companies, Ruger began in a small shop with an idea of building rugged and durable firearms.  The company has withstood the test of time to become a leader in the firearms industry.

In 1949, William B. Ruger partnered with Alexander McCormick Sturm and created Sturm, Ruger & Company.  They began producing a .22 pistol that Bill Ruger was inspired to design based on the German Luger.  That was an obvious success and Ruger still produces the Mark IV which is based off the original design. Today, Ruger produces rifles, semi-automatic pistols, and revolvers.  At one time, they also produced shotguns, but those have been discontinued.  According to the ATF, in 2021 Ruger was the second largest manufacturer in the United States.

ruger 75 Year Logo

Rugged and Reliable

In the first 55 years, Ruger produced over 20 million firearms.  And in 2019 was the first firearms maker to produce more than 1 million firearms in a year.  They have continued to exceed that number every year by utilizing manufacturing facilities New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Phoenix.  With nearly 40 product lines across the Ruger and Marlin brands, they employ almost 2000 American workers.  They obviously know the recipe for success.

Ruger Continues to Innovate

Ruger continues to innovate with modern manufacturing processes that allow them to work smarter, faster, and safer.  Those improvements gave way to adding to the product line.  Ruger bought Marlin from the failing Remington brand in 2020, with the first rifle coming off the line in 2021.  The newest pistol in the Ruger lineup is the Security-380 and has become a popular choice for the female shooter.  Their reputation for dependable firearms, and their values of integrity, respect, innovation, and teamwork will keep them at the top of the leader board in the highly competitive firearms game.  No wonder they are celebrating 75 years, and no doubt they’ll celebrate many more.

tow ladies shooting Ruger with walkers hearing protection and Magpul glasses

If you participate in shooting sports, please do so safely. You can read more about Ruger’s safety initiatives at Safe

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