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Sabre Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Pistol

What is a great option for a 19-year-old college student for home defense? My husband and I travel extensively and frequently leave our college aged daughter home alone and wanted her to have a means to defend herself in an emergency.  Our daughter is familiar with firearm safety, and we have spent time with her on the range, yet she is not to a point in her life where she is comfortable keeping a firearm for self-defense. She has training with and does carry Sabre pepper spray with her daily as she goes about her business, to classes, and shopping, and we devote time to situational awareness discussions. I brought home a Sabre Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Pistol and asked her if she thought this might be something that would work for her.

She decided this would be a great tool to have in her toolbox.

Sabre Pepper Aim and Fire
Sabre Pepper Spray

I chose the Sabre Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Pistol for several reasons. It is maximum strength pepper gel with UV marking dye. It shoots safely at 15’ and it has a grip safety which prevents accidental discharge. It also includes a free training video, inert practice canister and training target. The inert canister would give her the opportunity to become acquainted with unlocking the safety and pressing the trigger to deploy the spray.  By being able to practice with the inert canister she will be better prepared to use the Saber Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Pistol confidently in an emergency.

The first thing I did was go to to check out their web page for safety tips. Much to my surprise, Sabre has a college safety program on their website. The Saber College Safety Program is structured around campus safety issues. The end goal is to provide students with self-defense and risk reduction strategies to increase their personal security. I spent a lot of time exploring the website for additional safety defense products for college students. I’ll be discussing with my daughter what that looks like for this fall’s college campus living. I was amazed at all the educational material that was available on Sabers website, as well as the vast array of personal safety products they offer that I hadn’t been aware of.

It was now time to turn our attention to training. We first watched the Training Video for the Sabre Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Pistol. It was short and sweet and to the point. We then went to the backyard and hung the target that was included in the box and followed the directions to load the pistol with the inert cartridge. My daughter went first, and we both took a turn. Deploying the spray was so easy and super accurate. My daughter really felt this was a good fit for her when she was home alone. She felt 100% confident in her ability to protect herself with the Sabre Aim and Fire Pistol in an emergency.

If you’re looking for personal protection, you can trust, Saber Aim and Fire Pepper Gel pistol is a great option. I feel better knowing my daughter can protect herself when she is at home alone, and so does she.

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