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It’s In The DAKA Bag

It’s in the DAKA bag if I do say so myself. The Magpul DAKA Bags and Pouches are my newest favorite things! Our amazing partner, Magpul, has designed one of the most versatile, stylish, and durable accessories on the market, especially for anyone on-the-go. Anywhere your daily travels may take you, you can definitely use a DAKA product!

When I purchased my first DAKA Pouch, I wasn’t entirely certain about how I might use it.

I do love to categorize my items into separate containers or organizers. The DAKA Pouch served this purpose and much more. I have used my pouch for a variety of purposes.


It is ideal for on the range, of course. Whether you are visiting an indoor range or outdoor range, the DAKA Pouch is perfect for carrying your smaller range gear items, such as first aid sundries, ammo, small flashlight, knife, and anything you might want to keep dry and organized. The material is rugged and lightweight. Once your pouch is packed, simply toss it in your range bag and go! I have used my DAKA Pouch to carry medications, cords and adaptors, transport makeup and personal items when traveling, and to hold anything I want to keep clean and dry from the elements.

The Magul DAKA Takeout Bag is my other favorite. I have used this bag for many excursions. It is my go-to bag for many activities. I purchased the flat dark earth color and every time I carry this bag, someone will ask me about it. It is stylish and easy to pack and go. The water-resistant, reinforced polymer fabric, coupled with a full-length water-repellent zipper, has kept my items dry in damp environments. It’s perfect for bulky items that don’t easily fit into other more structured bags. My DAKA Takeout Bag has proven to handle heavy items without fail. The carrying straps are comfortable and sturdy. The side buckles allow for expanded storage and a wider and taller opening, which I often use. I also have used the DAKA Pouches inside of the DAKA Takeout Bag to keep my items organized within the bag, when necessary. It’s a perfect system of products that work together.  

I have used my Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag as a range bag, as it holds everything I need for a quick trip to the range. 

There is plenty of space for your firearm, my Walkers Ear Protection, ammunition, first aid kit, my Magpul Eye Protection, flashlight, small cleaning kit, markers, phone, and my wallet.

My Magpul DAKA Takeout Bag has also served as a boating bag, beach bag, overnight bag for a quick trip, gardening bag, beverage carrier, and to transport damp items.

I would love to have several more in various colors! I wonder if Magpul would ever consider a pink or purple bag? It would also be nice to have a matching luggage-style tag to hang on the outside of the bag and use it to write my name and contents, as many of my friends carry the same bag.

If you have never tried any of the Magpul DAKA products, now is the time. Trust me, you will find the perfect use for it too! Check out this version of the Magpul DAKA Pouch.

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