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What is Smart about the Sabre Smart Pepper Spray

What is smart about the Sabre Smart Pepper Spray?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is critical that we know how to protect not only ourselves, but our loved ones. I remember being on my college campus feeling vulnerable but did not really want to carry a gun. What else could I do to protect myself? Other options are available including pepper spray. What are the realities of carrying and using pepper spray for personal defense?

In the current market, Sabre Red Pepper Spray stands out for having developed the technology that combines protection and notification to result in the best pepper spray option on the market. SABRE has reached the status of being the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by consumers worldwide. Now they have a new Sabre Smart pepper spray.

What is Smart about choosing the new Sabre Smart Pepper Spray?

Here are a few top reasons to choose SABRE Smart Pepper Spray:

  • Maximum strength red pepper
  • Protection against multiple threats
  • 10’ (3 m) range
  • Refillable case
  • Connects to mobile via Bluetooth
  • The Geo tracking map allows your selected contacts to follow you to safety
  • Your selected contacts will receive an alert when you activate your pepper spray

Upon opening the package

I found the directions to be easy to follow and I finished the setup between my cell phone and the pepper spray in under 5 minutes. SABRE thinks of everything, as they even included a second tester pepper spray to use as a practice to evaluate the alert sent to your contacts upon activation. The kit includes:

  • SABRE Red Pepper Spray Canister (15g)
  • Bluetooth Case with Key Ring Attachment
  • Inert Practice Canister (15g)
  • USB Charging Cable

If you accidentally use your pepper spray, there is a feature that allows you to put in a pin to disable the alert.

You will have the option to choose “I am Safe” or “False Alarm” so your family knows that you are ok.

And, this product has no monthly fee but also offers you a Premium Subscription Option which offers you even more safety features through the Noon light service. If you do choose this option, here are the extras added:

  • Police, Fire and EMS will receive notification while your contacts are informed that you are in danger.
  • Authorities can track your device and location to see where it deployed.
  • Noon light will send you a text message. If you do not respond, the authorities will be notified of your location.

Who is this product best for?

Anyone that is not ready to carry a gun but needs protection, anyone who does carry, but is ready to layer their protection.  Elderly parents, school aged children as well as adults can all benefit from not just having a can of pepper spray, but an arsenal of back up from public safety to your family members ready to come to the exact location where you deployed the spray! We cannot buy Peace of mind; it is critical that we be smart about “what ifs.”  You will not be disappointed in this product.

You can read Sabre Security’s Top Ten Safety Tips Here.


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