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Lumenok Review by Laura Moore

I love using Lumenoks not only while hunting but also while practicing at the bags.  There is no better way to track arrow flight then by being able to fully watch your arrow lit up as it leaves your bow.  With the Lumenok, you can check for flight patterns to fix any sort of problems or catch them when needed.  It may help you catch a bad arrow, check for rest problems, notice fletching issues, or discover any sort of tuning issues you might be having.  Once you solve these problems, you are confident in your equipment and your arrow, and ultimately confident in your shot.  
There is no greater feeling than being confident in your shot and in your arrow, especially when you have that trophy right in front of you and you’re about to shoot, and actually watch where your arrow hits.  The Lumenok is a great product, both on the course practicing and shooting and in the field hunting.

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