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Amy Hunter – Encouraging Women in Outdoor Pursuits

I am an avid outdoors person, and hunting is one of my favorite pastimes. I was humbled to become part of the Shoot Like A Girl family for the opportunity to continue to encourage women in shooting sports. I help introduce women to shooting sports and hope to expand into more mentoring programs. I am a self-taught archer and hunter. While I have a hard time pinpointing one favorite experience with Shoot Like A Girl, my favorite type of interacts are always the ones that tell me they can’t pull a bow back.


I love that moment when we work together and I can teach them skills that will work for them, and then get to see that magic moment when they realize they can do it!

Ultimately, I want to encourage women at any level of knowledge in shooting to continue to ask questions and learn no matter if you’re doing it ‘right.’ The important part is to get out there and do it and help introduce other women to shooting sports and the love of the outdoors.

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