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Dr. Lisa M. Orick-Martinez – Empowering Women through Education and Training

My life’s purpose is to empower women through education and training, Shoot Like A Girl helps me accomplish my life’s purpose. By teaching other women firearm safety and “first shots” on the SLG trailer, I feel that I help many women. Although I’ve only been on the team for a year, I have had the opportunity to work with and help numerous awesome women around the country.

Particularly those women who come into the trailer with trepidation, fear and anxiety about shooting.

My first experience with a handgun wasn’t pleasant and I really want to help and support other women who are curious and want to learn how to shoot. One recent experience really drove home why I love being on the Shoot Like A Girl Team. A woman came on the trailer who was shaking, had tears in her eyes and told me that her toddler had found a handgun her ex-husband had left in the home. She was horrified to find her toddler pointing the fully loaded revolver at her own face! She stated that she has been afraid of firearms ever since. She saw on FaceBook that our SLG trailer was going to be in town and made a point of coming. After we spoke for a few minutes and went through firearm safety, how to properly hold the handgun, load it, manipulate the slide, align the sights and then squeeze the trigger, her shoulders visibly relaxed. She took a deep breath then squeezed the trigger and hit center of the target! She smiled and asked if she could shoot again. When she was done she gave me a big hug and then went onto the rifle and archery. The next day she came back to the trailer to do it again! She said she felt so much better about the shooting sports and felt empowered! This is one example of why I love being on the SLG team!

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