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You Want Something Custom? Langdon Tactical Has You Covered

Customization at its best! Langdon Tactical takes your basic firearm and transforms it into something custom and amazing. They work with shooters to create “custom confidence”, whether you are shooting competitively, your in-law enforcement, or just for your own personal protection.  Langdon has years of experience, which means they know how to customize firearms to make them feel and perform just right.

Langdon Tactical is a new partner of Shoot Like A Girl and wants to empower guests with confidence to be safe and responsible.

How to Customize with Langdon Tactical

The first step with Langdon Tactical is understanding what you need from your firearm. They find out what the need of each shooter is. From there, they offer different customization options, including grip modifications, trigger adjustments, slide enhancements, and more. They even offer a trigger upgrade in a bag option for Beretta and Springfield.


The goal is to create a firearm that looks good, feels comfortable, and is reliable every time you pull the trigger. In the end, you get a firearm that feels like it was made for you.

Langdon Tactical is all about excellence. The team of gunsmiths make sure every part is carefully inspected and refined. This attention to detail makes sure that your custom firearm will perform the way you expect it to. The component parts of the firing mechanism are polished and hard stoned, using nickel Teflon coating to add lubricity and make them corrosion resistant, while adding smoothness in your trigger pull.

Shoot Like A Girl team with Langdon Tactical

Commitment to Education

Langdon Tactical also offers courses and resources to help you improve your shooting skills and make better choices about your firearms. Whether you’re new to shooting or have been doing it for years, their training can help make you better.

Choosing Langdon Tactical isn’t just about getting a custom firearm; it’s about joining a community of shooters who share their experiences and tips. You can sign up for their email newsletter to get advice and updates about the latest in firearms.

Beretta PX4 by Langdon Tactical
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