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True Shot Coach Review

I can honestly say I was not sure what to expect out of the TSC. I have been shooting competitive archery for about 12 years now and hunting for about 4 years and once you get into a form, and with shooting that way that long, it is always something very hard to change.

I decided to bring out my hunting bow with a thumb trigger release and give it a whirl which was difficult for me to do. I have gotten so comfortable with that bow (more than my target bows) over the years I always have a hard time changing things with it. It has brought me some decent kills over the years.  I also had my fiancé try it with his target bow. I noticed with the TSC my bow hand was much more relaxed than it had been. I shot it for a couple of rounds and noticed that I was grouping. After some little sight adjustments I was grouping the arrows in the yellow ring. My fiancé he needed a bigger size. I believe that size is crucial. If the sizing with these isn’t right you do not get the full effect of what they are made for.

Now that was the first time I picked up that bow since the end of the archery season in Pennsylvania and it was almost like I was practicing with the bow every day.
I cannot wait to try it out with some of the beginner shooters in our JOAD group. You see so many of these young beginners with an overextended arm or tight bow hand and by the end of the night they are so frustrated with themselves. I almost wish I would have had something like this in my beginning years of training because it would have saved a lot of hassle in the later years.
I also cannot wait to try it with my new target bow when it arrives soon!

I would recommend this product to anyone who is having problems with their bow hand or is just starting to shoot.

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