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True Shot Coach Review

If you are new to archery, first let me start off by saying welcome! You are now part of a close knit group who are proud to support those alike. With that being said, archery is an acquired skill. It takes practice, being in tune to your body; aware of how you are breathing, knowing the positioning of your hands, head, feet, arms and back and more practice. Archery is not something you step into two-weeks before opening of hunting season or an archery competition and start shooting your bow. Archer’s are always on the look-out for ways to improve the shot. There are many “bells and whistles” that can be used for improved shots including a simple tool that can be placed on your hand for consistent hand placement on the bow. Hand placement is one of the most important factors in regards to form.

“Don’t Choke Archery” introduced the True Shot Coach as a training aid for hand placement. This little device will help archer’s reach the goal of consistent hand placement as well as provide a relaxed grip (aka – avoid the death grip!). The True Shot Coach is especially helpful for those that have been away from the archery scene for a while, young kids or anybody that is just starting out in archery. My son found it helpful to find his “grip” and helped in hitting tight groupings. I highly recommend this product to those that are tight on their grip or are just beginning!

April Mack is a Pro Staff Member and Archery Instructor for Shoot Like A Girl. You can read more about April by going to and click on the Pro Staff Link.

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