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True Shot Archery Coach

True Shot Archery Coach
by: Debi Martin

True shot archery coach has been a very effective tool in teaching me to shoot correctly.  I am not the easiest person to convince that I am wrong, but seeing my groups without True Shot and with it are pretty convincing.  They are now tighter and have all but done away with my left/ right issues.
My step son Gage (9 yr. old) wanted to try it out as well.  Needless to say he liked it so much I could not fine mine.  After a long search through the house and all over our shop I finally I found it; it was in Gage’s bow stool.  He had claimed it for his own.  If it can convince a 9 yr. old and someone as hard headed as me, it has got to be a great tool.

Anyone looking to improve accuracy and to elevate torch should try this product.

Debi Martin is a staff member for Shoot Like A Girl. For more information about Debi please go to and click on Pro Staff.

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