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Hunters Safety System

I have worn my hunter safety system this year faithfully every time I have climbed up in a tree.  I have heard too many horror stories of people that do not wear them.  The new hunter safety system is lightweight and very comfortable.  Most importantly it has pockets, lots and lots of pockets with some very nice pink trim for us ladies.  If there is one thing us women need, that is a place to store stuff.  I loved the fact it had the binocular clips to make easy access to my binoculars without having to have an additional strap to get in the way.  The straps were very comfortable and easy to connect and disconnect.  I have never owned a system that I could or would wear walking to the stand.  This system felt like I had another small layer on and not like I was being strung up like a puppet.  I strongly advise anyone man, woman or child to use this system.  It is more thank user friendly it is a life saver.

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