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ThermaCELL Product Review

At first I was leery about the ThermaCELL product. On the same note, I was even more skeptical about the talk of West Nile Virus. So in doing some research I wanted something that would make my life a little simpler without using a harsh stinky chemical spray on the skin to keep the diseased bugs away.

 I will be honest, like many consumers I was not sure how well something like this would repel mosquitoes. I was wondering what horrifying smell would be released from the butane cartridge or what type of loud noise it would make once turned on. But, after using the product for the first time I can now say it is one of the best inventions made in the history of hunting. Not only do I use it for turkey hunting, but I use it for taking walks in the woods to hang tree stands, 3d shooting, and looking for antler sheds with Gunner all while giving peace of mind that I am lowering my chances of getting bit.
Cost you ask? No need to worry. Once you have the ThermaCELL system in hand all you will need to replace is the small butane cartridges and pads. That simple.

So if you are sick of the annoying mosquitoes, take a chance at a ThermaCELL like I did and be impressed with the technology of the system!
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