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Review of Scent Blocker’s Sola Recon Long-Sleeve Shirt

I recently acquired Scent Blocker’s Sola Recon Long-sleeve camouflage shirt to add to my hunting wardrobe. Summers in deep East Texas can be a little on the warm side but being completely camouflaged while predator hunting is still a must.  Its also necessary to block any odors that could be set on due to the heat! This is a system layer 1 which would be a piece you would wear closest to your body against your skin, and in cold weather, add layers on top of it.  It uses antimicrobial technology to help odor control and also to prevent the growth of bacteria that cause odor.  My plan was to test it not really as a base layer but as an only layer! I was not disappointed.  The quality and reputation of Scent Blocker products gave me full confidence to test the theory that I could wear the shirt in the middle of summer to camouflage both my physical appearance as well as block any odors that can naturally occur, or occur with the heat of summer so I would still be able to predator hunt successfully. 
While traveling through the woods I found the material to be incredibly comfortable against my skin even while it was so hot. The fabric used was truly designed to wick away moisture as well as dry quickly and really helped to keep me cool while being sturdy enough not to rip or tear while walking through the woods and brushing up against branches and briars. The way the shirt is designed in the back really helps to catch any breeze and mobilize it across your torso and down your arms keeping you cool even though you have a long sleeved shirt on in the summer!  I’m actually looking forward to a balmy bow season now with this shirt in my wardrobe!
Scent Blocker’s commitment to the quality of their product even extends to it’s accessories! The hat I acquired with the shirt was made with the same level of antimicrobial scent blocking and bacterial inhibiting technology as the rest of their apparel.  Not only does it look good and appeal to the female hunter, its functional! I have incredibly long hair and was able to sweep it up and pull it through the hat which protected my head and hair from numerous vicious summer briars and gnarly limbs seeking to pull my hair from my tender headed scalp. If you ever did manage to rip or tear the hat while it was on your head I’m thinking a trip to the ER would be in order!
Scent Blocker has truly produced an incredible line of quality products for the female hunter!

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