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SOG Keyring Knife by Christa Forrester

I have used the SOG Keyring Knife for fishing and gardening and every day in normal life. I can keep it in my pocket and anytime I need a sharp edge its there and ready to go.

The product performed great!  No issues. I use it everyday and it still looks brand new. My favorite features of the knife are its small enough for my pocket; mine is Yellow, and I love the color particularly the yellow knife with the black blade; and the thinness of the blade has allowed me to use it as a screwdriver (the non-sharp side) when needed. I feel confident this was not its intended use.

I LOVE THIS KNIFE!! I used to always carry a knife and then for some reason I stopped. Now, I am back to that habit and consider it a part of my everyday “getting dressed” process. I also have it in a dark grey color. It is skinny enough for me to keep it in my wallet as a backup.

I recommend SOG knives, and look forward to their new products coming out in June!  You can check out Bass Pro Shops to find your SOG Knife.  Shoot Like A Girl receives a commission if you purchase from this link.

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