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Thermacell Review by Katie Salinas

The Thermacell MR300 lived up to its high recommendations!

I received a Thermacell MR300, a personal and portable mosquito repellant device,  when I visited the Shoot Like A Girl mobile range trailer in Vegas in January. I patiently awaited mosquito season to test it out. Our first camping trip this year happened to be in a marsh that was only partly dry and frequented by cows, maybe not the best spot for camping, but an excellent spot for the Thermacell to prove it’s worth.  It debuted at our dinner around the campfire shortly before dusk.

The mosquitoes had already been out about an hour,  but were quickly ganging up on us, easily a ratio of 100:1!

I pulled out the box to read through the directions. Thankfully, it was easy to follow and I had the assembly done in less than one minute. It fired up on the first try and found a home in the cup holder on my camping chair. Very shortly after, the mosquitos dissipated.

After about 10 minutes, mosquitos could not be found.

At that point, I knew I loved this new (to me) gadget. We enjoyed a nice campfire and set off to bed. However, we discovered our tent had been left open and now had its own hoard of bugs, not the best bedtime scenario for the kids. We put the Thermacell in the farthest corner from the door and by the time our pajamas were on, there were no bugs to be found in our tent. I zipped up the tent door and tucked everyone in with no fear of being woke by hungry mosquitos.

It worked better than expected and will always be found at our campsite.  You can purchase a Thermacell at Bass Pro Shops.

Note:  Shoot Like A Girl receives a small commission when you purchase a ThermaCell from Bass Pro Shops.

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