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Scentblocker Sola Product Review

Scentblocker Sola Product Review

We received an awesome ScentBlocker Gear shirt made for women and matching hat so we can be the most well dressed lady hunters in the field! In the past, we’ve always had to wear the typical camo that’s made for men. The sleeves are always HUGE and the body of the shirts are always straight cut…essentially giving you the feel of wearing an oversized clumsy nightshirt to hunt in. The Scentblocker Gear shirt is fitted for women! It has sleeves that are more fitted so when you pull your bow back, you don’t risk getting the sleeve in the string during release. The body is tapered so you can be more comfortable. The fabric is phenomenal; it’s light and ventilated in the back. We are definitely sold on the product and plan to give our gear made for the men back to the men! Thank you so much for taking us ladies into consideration ScentBlocker! – Cindy and Cassie Minor

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