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Danner High Ground Boots Product Review

By Samantha McKelvey

I received a pair of women’s Danner High Ground boots to try, and out of the box they looked great! I was heading up to our hunting property for my only shot at spring turkey and couldn’t wait to try them out. Unfortunately, we got a huge amount of rain that weekend which turned our property into mud and swelled our creeks so I was forced to switch to my heavy rubber boots. On the very last day of our hunt, I was able to take the Danner’s out for the late morning sit. We did a decent uphill hike, and I was impressed at how comfortable the boots were despite not getting a chance to really break them in. I did a bit of waterproof testing in some residual mud and puddles and they held up well. More recently, I worked at a hunting retriever upland test, and my feet did not bother me while standing and walking all day for two days straight while wearing the boots. They have nice ankle support and are very light to keep on for a long period of time.

I was also able to get in a bit of deer hunting with them last week. As the sun was starting to go down and the breeze picked up, my body got a bit cold, but my feet stayed warm for the duration of the sit in the stand. The Danner High Ground Boots are an excellent boot for spring and the early fall season here in the northeast. I also liked that High Grounds are not a bulky and cumbersome boo; which made climbing the ladder stand a breeze. Overall, I am thrilled to add the Danner High Ground to my hunting footwear lineup, and they have actually replaced my original store brand hunting boot. Versatile, lightweight, comfort, and design are all the things that make these great, and I am looking forward to more time in the field in the near future.

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