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Review: Hogue’s Pink AR Accessories Make That Gun Her Gun

Recently I was given the opportunity by Hogue to accessorize my newest rifle, a Smith and Wesson Model M&P 15, chambered in. 5.56 mm NATO / .223. I had never accessorized an AR-style rifle before and was excited to take on the challenge. When the box arrived from Hogue, I felt as giddy as a child on Christmas morning! Opening it, I was not disappointed! The rifle-length aluminum free float forend, collapsible butt stock and beaver trail grip came in hot pink and black. The trigger guard is a lovely lighter shade of pink, from the G10 line of accessories.  My AR was about to scream style and have a personality all her own.
First though, a little about the G10. Hogue has a patent-pending method of making its G-10 line – a high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate that is made of several layers of woven fiberglass mesh combined with epoxy resin binder – in different patterns within the colored material, producing a unique look and not a typical flat layer. It’s called G-Mascus, and that’s what is unique about the trigger guard in this get-up.
Since I had never tackled this task on this particular style rifle before now, I hit a snag and my brain was stumped. I called Hogue’s 800 number and was quickly rewarded with a real live person to speak to in customer service. Let me tell you, this lady new her stuff. She wasn’t suffering from the same blockage I was having that day. She quickly asked me a series of questions (that began pulling the fog from my brain) as she deduced that the particular style of rifle I had was fitted with a carbine-length gas tube instead of a rifle length one. She was then able to relay this to her specialist, with  whom I discussed some other minor issues I was experiencing, and he quickly made a list of inexpensive easy-to-find parts to complete my task. Hogue believes in its products, but more than that, it believes in helping its customers with simple solutions that don’t degrade quality and make all parties happy.
I could not be happier with the way my finished rifle looks and feels in my hands!

I would like to add, for Smith & Wesson’s benefit, that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way the rifle looked before; however, in accessorizing it with the pink, I successfully claimed it for my own and now my husband is in the market for his own AR! I love the adjustable stock, which makes it easier for me to shoot and quickly adjust it for my kids to shoot and enjoy the same experience.

Hogue makes great quality products, is an American-made, family-owned business, and they obviously take care of their customers. What more could you ask for?
Visit for more great products.
The pink AR kit comes with the finger groove beavertail grip, rifle length forend with accessories, and overmolded collapsible buttstock. The kit also includes a mil-spec buffer tube and hardware MRSP: $319.95
Raychel Shaw owns East Texas Firearms Training, and is an NRA-certified firearms instructor, and a Shoot Like a Girl staff/instructor.

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  1. Awesome rifle! You did a great job, you accessorize it nicely and cool.
    There are lot of shop that offers weapon accessories online which you can also choose great selections.

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