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Review: TruGlo Nitrus Archery Release

A quality archery release precedes a well-executed shot. TruGlo has defiantly set the bar high with its new NITRUS archery release.
The TruGlo NITRUS release is used in the Shoot Like A Girl shooting trailer. It comes with many features that make the adjustment period minimal. A stainless steel design, in its wear-free jaws and firing mechanism, means it is durable and lightweight. 
Curious about the new BOA closure system wrist strap, I secured the strap tightly with a turn of a knob. Typical releases of the past have featured either a Velcro or buckle-style wrist strap. Velcro wears out with use and buckles are notorious for stretching out the original holes on the strap.

Also, I have been extremely impressed with the trigger. It has absolutely no unwanted travel. With the micro-adjustment feature, setting trigger sensitivity to fit any archer’s preference is a snap. I prefer an extremely light trigger and the NITRUS has the ability to meet my demand. 
The NITRUS release comes in various colors, including camo, and retails between $86 and $99.
Learn more about the NITRUS release and other TruGlo products.

Cristy Crawford is the Chief Operations Officer for Shoot Like A Girl.
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