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Recalls – Care for the Consumer

Many of us see or hear the word recall and think…Oh no, this can’t be good. We immediately think negatively of the manufacturer or begin to second guess everything they have produced. Rarely, do we see the good in this. The process of recalling was created to protect the consumer and the manufacturer and when the processed is followed, it is usually a simple one.

Recently, we saw a recall issued for one of our favorite firearms, the Smith & Wesson EZ. The announcement was made via social media, newsletters and email. The recall covered M&P Shield EZ Pistols manufactured between March 1st 2020 and October 31st 2020.

I had to work through the recall process on two EZ Shields. First, I had to check to see if either of my Shields were impacted by the recall. Smith and Wesson offered an easy process for serial number and production date check. One of my EZ’s was not in the recall production period, but the other was.

The next step in the process was to request a return label.

It is as simple as completing the online return label request form. A return label will be sent to my email.

Once they receive my EZ for repair they expect it to take 10 days for their inspection and part replacement to take place at no charge.

Even though the thought of something being recalled for a defect can be scary, it really is a good thing. It shows manufacturer responsibility and accountability in the products they are producing along care for you the consumer in having the best made product.

You can read more about the recall and how to check to see if your EZ firearm(s) is in the recall here…


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