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Nike Special Field Boot Review by Karen Butler

I was fortunate to receive a pair of Nike Special Field Boots (SFB) to use while shooting.  These boots were designed for tactical use by our military and first responders, but make an excellent cross over to a shooting and hunting boot.  My SFBs quickly became my go to boots for hiking, shooting, training, trade shows and most recently physical therapy! 

In training hard for my upcoming Elk Hunt with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s television show, Team Elk, I started getting a pain in my knee.  I went to an orthopedist who diagnosed me with Patella Femoral Syndrome (hurt knee).  This is not a big deal and can be corrected with physical therapy.  So, off to therapy I went.  I told my therapist that my knee hurt less in the Nike SFBs.  He was curious to see a boot that made a difference in my pain level, so I took them into my physical therapist.  After carefully examining the boots, he determined that these boots provided excellent support, and the design of the arch aided my stride so that my knee properly tracked, and would hurt less.

In honesty, I have never really given much thought to a dedicated shooting shoe based on performance; I’ve been more of a comfort kind of gal.  Who knew you could get both!  The Nike boot is ridiculously comfortable.  Even though I had to order a men’s size converted to a ladies size, the boot fits well.  The lacing system ensures that I get a snug fit, that isn’t too tight, and allows for the perfect fit.  Another favorite aspect is the boot is light, 15.9 ounces, and still provides support to my ankle, adds stability to my shooting stance and out performs my traditional hiking boot.

What I think is most unique about the Nike SFB, and what really does set it apart is the stability.  Not only in fit, but on uneven ground, it feels stable.  In a recent shooting competition, my fellow competitors were complaining about the ground being so rough and rocky, to the point that they were trying to stack up sticks to level the ground.  I stepped up to the stake, and no matter how the ground was, my stance felt solid and secure.  Even when taking a kneeling shot, it is amazing how the flexibility of the boot allows you to be strong in the shot.  I guess, that is really what I like most about the Nike boots, no matter the circumstances of the terrain, I am confident in the strength and stability in my shot that is enhanced by my Nike boots.

If you don’t have a pair of Nike boots on this year’s gear list, I highly recommend you not only add them to your must haves, you get them.  What you get in this boot, is a light weight, durable, performance designed and comfortable boot.   Visit for more information about the Nike Special Field Boot.

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