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Test Flight Success Story by V. Jones

From V. Jones This is the exact message I sent Hoyt…”I really want to express how thankful I am that you support “Shoot Like A Girl”. I am new to archery. Having no experience (and probably even if I had) I would never buy a bow with out trying it hands on. My husband and I drove over 2 hours to the Buckmaster Expo in Montgomery AL just to visit their booth. After hours of help and shooting about 14 different bows I reached the decision that the Hoyt Carbon Element was the bow for me. Yesterday we drove to our local Hoyt dealer to order it. The total with tax was over $1400, an amount 3X what I was hoping to spend on a bow but I’m so thankful to Karen Butler, her help, and your sponsorship so that I could test the bow. My only wish is that there was an organization like this for left-handers. My husband has a cheap, low end PSE simply because it was the best of only 3 left handed bows he could find to test. Where I bought my bow they had a left handed Mathews Helim that he REALLY likes a lot better than his current bow. My second choice was a Mathews bow (the Jewel) so I can understand why he likes it so much. But we both feel that if he could only try the Carbon Element he could experience why I liked it so much that i was willing to spend twice the cost of the Mathews. But there’s now way we can afford another $1400 just to test it. He has called all of the dealers in the 200 mile radius with no success. Any advice for where he could test a left handed carbon element?””

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