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Lesson learned with Lumenok

Opening morning of bow season this year brought much excitement! The warm weather couldn’t keep me out of that stand! I couldn’t wait to fling an arrow. Having my light ups just added fuel to my fire!
 I received the Lumenok in the mail from Shoot Like A Girl. I live in a small town that doesn’t carry the Lumenok brand, but did carry a “copy cat” of Lumenok.  I had both opening morning.  The arrow I chose first to use had the copy cat. Finally saw a doe, took my shot with my copy cat and missed! I never saw a light!! EVER! I thought at first I had missed so bad that the arrow really flew and I just didn’t see the glow. Luckily, the doe didn’t run off. So I quickly grabbed another arrow with my Lumenok.  At this point she was 30 yards out, but I hesitantly rushed and took the shot.  Yes, I missed her twice.  However, my green Lumenok glowed up the sky!!!  I just knew I had lost my first arrow. I went to search, and there it lay, right where I aimed.  I found it because I still had some daylight and it just landed under the doe where I had originally shot.  This was a true testimony of  my new love for Lumenok.  Don’t waste your money on any other brand. Lumenok just doesn’t fail. I may not have taken a doe that morning.  However, I always feel I learn a new lesson each time I leave the stand. That mornings lesson was to always buy Lumenok!! Thanks to Shoot Like A Girl for sending me Lumenok!! It was my first time to try, but not the last. I have since bought  more for my husband too!

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