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Ladies, where do we find time to prepare for hunting season?

In our busy lives as wives and mothers, we are often preoccupied with making dinner, doing laundry, and playing taxi to the kids.  When do we make the time for ourselves to workout, attend meetings, shoot the bow, work the dogs, and take care of other necessities including preparing ourselves for hunting?

Now, do not get me wrong, I love a busy schedule (it keeps me on my toes) and I am definitely not complaining.  It makes me stop and think though, what do other gals in this situation do to prepare for hunting season, all while trying to eat healthy, maintain an exercise-regimen and run a household? Let’s face it- If we want to be successful in hunting, we need to practice (whether it is bow, shot gun or rifle).  Not only is ample practice the right thing to do ethically to achieve a good kill shot, but who wants to come back with an experience other than a positive, memorable one?  Practicing takes time.

Let us not forget our other responsibilities like work and running the household.  We all know we cannot have a messy house…

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all that we have to do.  If you are constantly stressing over little things, the little things become big things.  Stop and re-evaluate what is important.  For some, making a list of daily accomplishments is a good way to tend to all your chores.  Keep the chore list light though! Remember that having priorities does not mean you can’t have fun. THAT should be a priority in itself. After all… “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no body happy!”

Also, take a look at all of your extracurricular involvements.  Is it really necessary to volunteer for five different organizations?  Maybe cut that down to one or two and really focus on doing a great job with those commitments.  We seem to have forgotten how to simplify and enjoy our hobbies because we are too busy trying to play super-mom/woman.

Some of us hunt one-week (or perhaps even a full month) in a hard core, pack in – pack out scenario, while others hunt close to home nightly and on weekends. We work hard to maintain our health and physical fitness, but it is easy to let these priorities slip during hunting season!  Where in the world are we supposed to fit in our workouts?  After all, hunting takes precedence over such matters!  Doesn’t it?

There is no rule as to how often one must work out to be fit.  You may not make it to the gym more than a couple days each week.  But that is okay!  What matters is how you workout when you have the time.  Make it count! You know how valuable it is to have 30 minutes to an hour to yourself for a good workout. Crank up the intensity- run, bike or ski on an incline rather than flat, or incorporate sprints. (I bet the more you push it, the more often your workout time will be cut in half!)  Hit the weights with some UMPH!  Lift heavier and max out around 8-12 reps.  Get your cardio in while you are lifting weights.  The old rule of resting 30 seconds to a minute between sets is just that… old.  Get some jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpies or good ol’ fashion jump roping in there while your muscles recover.  Involve the whole family if possible.  Working out together as a family makes for great bonding time for all!

Maintaining top fitness is more than working out, but is also eating healthy.  Keeping family friendly meals on the table can be stressful when you are already short on time.  Just remember, not all meals have to be gourmet.  Keep meals simple and easy; the less time you spend in the kitchen, the more time you have to spend on preparing for the hunt.  Simple meals can taste great, and can be prepared quickly with healthy ingredients.  I love this time of year due to fresh garden harvests and the light fruits and veggies you can get at the stores or local markets. And of course our game meat that we eat is extremely healthy and lean.  Plan ahead what your meals will be for the week. Yes, this planning time will require you to sit down for more than a few minutes, but you can make up for it later in the week when your pre-planned dinner is cooking and you are mowing the lawn. (You forgot about that didn’t you?)  Try and shop one time per week with the exception of fresh produce runs to the store.  Planning ahead will really cut down on the amount of time you are away from home– or hunting.  If you want to eat healthy but you are not sure where to begin, focus on buying fresh, perishable foods, rather than packaged, shelf-stable foods from boxes, wrappers and cans.   Eating healthy really is one of the easier things you have to manage.
What’s that saying? “Time flies when you’re having fun?” Or “There are only how many hours in my day?”
Choose your battles wisely my friends!  If you are like me, high expectations (usually set by our own selves) keep us running in circles trying to get everything accomplished.  My kids don’t care if the house is spotless; my husband could care less if I don’t spend three hours in the kitchen to create some gourmet meal. (I have mastered the art of how many different ways a tortilla can be made!)  I have learned to pick out what is important to me in all the hectic schedules and “to do’s” in our lives.
For me, obviously after God and family, my priorities include keeping up my skills as a bow hunter and maintaining proper nutrition and my physical fitness level. (I must stay strong to haul out that monster elk I will one day conquer!)  I have learned that when I am able to focus on what is most important to me, I can relax a bit, enjoy the ride and get to the other stuff as time allows.  Thankfully, we are a family full of hunters and all understand what it takes to meet these priorities, so we all pitch in where and when we can around the house.  
I just remembered… I have to go wash the windows and paint the outside of the house.  So until next time.  Happy hunting, shoot straight and may God bless you with a bountiful harvest this year!
April Mack is a team member of Shoot Like A Girl. For more information on April please go to and click on Pro Staff. 
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