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Kelly Mason – A Mover and Shaker

I am a mover and shaker period. I believe in bettering the lives of others and leaving a legacy behind. I am a sower of seeds and take the road less traveled.  I chose to learn to hunt and get involved in shooting sports in my 40’s and this organization has blown the doors wide open for other women like myself! I have been an archery instructor with SLG for 3 years and counting. I will never forget a young lady who came to our trailer at 19 years old.  She chose to test a compound bow.



When she released the arrow and it struck the target, she quickly looked at me with a light in her eyes that says, “I’m alive”.


I know that look and I knew that fire would carry her through so many adventures that were soon to come true.

It is NEVER too late to learn to shoot, hunt and enjoy the outdoors   “Just wait till you meet someone to start hunting and they can teach you.”  “If your dad was still alive, I know he could teach you, but he’s not; so find something else to do.”  I grew up with the notion of men teach women to do “male sports” like hunting and fishing.  I did not grow up hunting. I did not grow up with a gun in my hand,  sitting in a deer stand at dusk.  I was at first, very intimidated by the women I saw who were already successful hunters. I got into law enforcement around 2013 and had to get certified in tactical firearms to be able to investigate and by gosh, I was the only female in that class!  I had never been more motivated to learn and pass it.  I didn’t truly realize the diamond that I just had picked up in skillset! I knew at this point I could try to shoot clays, hunt and the best part for me, to shoot a compound bow!

I felt I had found my calling and something that could make me a stronger woman in so many ways! I thought, wait till I share this with so many women and they feel that empowerment to shoot a bow, get involved with leagues and best of all, hunt on a cool, crisp morning while listening to crows and owls.  Shoot Like a Girl offers a non-judgmental, safe atmosphere to learn, laugh and test things out with the support of other women around.  I believe times have changed greatly. The mindset and mission of SLG is to be that support and stepping stone for so many women that just haven’t got the chance or never had the confidence to try it.  I am blessed to be a part of not just hunting or shooting but a movement to bring women into the forefront of shooting sports and protection of their families.  Your next!

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