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Instructor’s Corner: Mark the Locations of your Sight and Rest

Instructor’s Corner: Mark the locations of your sight and rest on your bow

Having good quality equipment is a must for every archer. Some archers baby their equipment while some fall under the bull-in-the-china-shop category. No matter which category you fall into or what your skill level might be, equipment failure is a problem for all.  Allen heads tightened by the strongest of bow experts will move from normal wear-and-tear or from the sudden unexpected fall walking through the woods. Archers cringe at the thought, but it just happens.

I picked up a great tip while shooting competitive archery: take a permanent marker and mark both sides of anything that could move. I carried this technique over to my hunting bow and have used it on many occasions. Consider it as a type of insurance policy. You’re walking through the woods or down the archery range and for whatever reason, you drop your bow. After you get up and knock the dust off, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Did my sight move? Is my rest still OK? After a few short looks at all your marks, you either will have peace of mind in knowing that nothing moved, or have to get busy adjusting your sight and rest. Pictured below is an example of one of the many moving parts on  a typical sight. Make sure to mark both sides. If anything moves it will be obvious when your marks do not line up. Good Luck & Shoot Like A Girl!!

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