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I Shoot For The Girls Archery Tournament Raises Money for NBCF!

Shoot Like A Girl is proud to announce that we are hosting our “I Shoot For the Girls (TM)” Archery Shoot to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)!

This is our 4th year of holding this tournament, and we hope to raise more money than every before.  In the three previous years, we have raised over $24,000 for NBCF!

Archery Ranges, Clubs and Groups can sign up by sending an email to or They will receive a registration form, and it is as simple as saying they want to host a tournament, Shoot Like A Girl will send them targets, score cards and certificates.

There are five divisions:  Women’s, Men’s, Young Adult, Youth and Cubs.  The specially designed target is shot from 18 meters (20 yards) with four arrows, the forth arrow must be shot at the bonus ribbon in the I Shoot For The Girls (TM) logo.  So far, no one has ever shot this target clean!

If you shoot the pink ribbon, you score 5 points, in the center of the pink ribbon scores 10, if it touches a line it counts towards the higher score. Very similar to scoring a 5 spot target.

Please sign up to shoot.  We will post your clubs event on our web site!  100% of the proceeds go to NBCF!  Help us take a shot at wiping out breast cancer!


  1. Are the score cards due November 1st, 2013?

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