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Hunter Safety System Review

The Hunter Safety System has been my hunting buddy ever since I started to hunt. Safety has always been the number one priority on my list and I would not trust any other brand besides Hunter Safety System.

I am a small-statured person, so I bought the children’s one because at the time they had not come out with the women’s fit and I must say it fits very comfortable and still allows for a wide range of motion when drawing a bow back. It also has plenty of pockets for mouth calls, range finders, etc. and the adjustable straps make for a secure fit. I could not tell you how many times I have been sitting/standing up in a tree stand not realizing how little the platform is, but when one foot goes off you begin to realize it is no joke.
The best investment I have bought for hunting has not been my bow, boots, clothing or range finder but my Hunter Safety System. Anyone who hunts from a stand I would recommend in purchasing one. Money well spent!

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