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A Letter from Karen – Update – March 2020

A Letter From Karen –

Shoot Like A Girl has adapted quickly to this “new normal” we seem to be living in.  Our hearts and prayers go to those who are sick from COVID19.  We could have long hours of conversations and debates about the who, what, how and why our Nation, and really the World is in this predicament, but I choose not to.  The fact is, we are in this situation, and it seems when we come out of it, we will have another “new normal” to adapt to.

Shoot Like A Girl quickly followed the President’s call to practice social distancing, and postponed our events in Destin, Florida and Pearl, Mississippi.  We are fortunate that we have the ability to reschedule them at a later date this year.  We may have to postpone more events, but we are optimistic we can get back on the road again, soon.

In the meantime, we have created new opportunities for engagement via social media.  We were one of the first to implement Facebook Live sessions, where we can talk to people about safe responsible gun ownership, shooting archery, conservation, and a myriad of other topics, that you can see in our scheduled events.  We’ve had great engagements and I look forward to continuing these sessions long term.  Facebook Live Sessions are Monday and Friday at 9am Central Time and Friday at 3pm Central Time.  Tune it to Shoot Like A Girl’s Facebook page to participate and have a chance to win great gear from our partners!

Please stay safe, and healthy.  This, too, shall pass!

All the Best,


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