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Janeen Wyatt, Firearm and Self Defense Instructor

I love teaching and empowering women with the tools they can use to stay safe. I have over twenty-seven years of Martial Arts ​experience and about seven years as a firearm instructor, although I have been around ​firearms most of my life​.

My passion has always been helping others to stay safe.

In my twenties I began teaching karate classes while ​continuing to take classes myself.
N​ow I continue sharing my passion to self-protect by teaching self-defense classes and firearm classes in Oklahoma. As a Martial Arts and firearms instructor, I feel you are first a student and should always be taking classes to better your skills to pass along to others. That is why I also teach ​classes in​ ​firearms, self-defense and Carry Classes​. I am also the State and Chapter leader of The Well Armed Woman in the ​Oklahoma City ​area.

I am truly blessed to have been with Shoot Like A Girl for about four years now. I love being able to work with so many women in the trailer. It is truly the best experience as an instructor to have the honor of ​working with so many different types of personalities. Some are outgoing, some shy, others excited to come in, and others may be reluctant due to fears they have. I have to say, the majority of the ladies are always thrilled that they came in, and the smiles and high fives are typically ​what we see as they leave. There are so many ladies that stand out who we’ve helped, but I will tell you about one. When I asked her if she would like to shoot with us, she told me she couldn’t because she has very high anxiety. After talking with her for a bit, I finally was able to get her to come inside to shoot. As I walked her through the firearm side and then the rifle side.

I could see her anxiety be ​overtaken by joy and pride in herself and her accomplishments.

She was able to shoot and have a great score as well. Her husband was gleaming as he watched his wife’s excitement. There are so many ladies just like her that we get to work with. ​It is​ pure joy to watch all these ladies overcoming their fears.


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