2nd Quarter 2021 Report – Shoot Like A Girl


The 2nd Quarter of 2021 came and went so very fast; especially compared to same quarter in 2020, when time came to a stand-still.  I look back now, and am proud that Shoot Like A Girl was able to be on the frontlines of grass roots initiatives; safely traveling to deliver the message of safety and share the confidence that comes from the shooting sports.  We completed five more shows in the 2nd Quarter, and it was nice to move to the CDC’s new guidance of no masks required if vaccinated.   

2nd Quarter Report

In addition to our normal operations, Shoot Like A Girl successfully entered our newest chapter with Hunt Like A Girl, hosting three all women turkey hunts.  As predicted, the results were amazing. We experienced ladies gaining confidence on their hunting adventures. But also, that peace and tranquility that is felt by getting afield before the sun comes up.  We will host three more hunts this year, and more in 2022, too!

2022 Outlook

Speaking of 2022, we are just about ready to release our schedule for 2022. It is robust, and we plan to move to areas of the country that wehad to avoid during COVID.  There is a very high demand for the experience we offer.  We are hopeful to secure all of our 2022 schedule by the end of third quarter so we can have the resources to expand and travel to more locations.  

All in all, 2021 has continued to be a sprint. Myself and our entire team is so grateful for our Corporate Partners.  I always say, “I had a good idea, and our staff/instructor staff bring it to life, but our Corporate Partners enable us to truly make a positive impact on the lives of our guests, the communities we visit and the shooting sports industry.”  Thank you all!

Read the full 2nd Quarter 2021 Report here.


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