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Young At Heart

by: Michelle Webb

I was so excited to receive a private message on my Facebook page from a gentleman that was in my husband’s bass club named Bill Cameron.  Bill is a 69-year-old gentleman retired from the U.S. Army and his wife, Elaine, is a 64-year-old retired Army Nurse.  Bill said he noticed on my Facebook that I loved archery with all the pictures I post of my family and I shooting, plus all of the 4-H kids that I instruct. I especially love sharing the 4-H kids accomplishments.

 He wrote me to ask if I would be willing to help he and his wife learn archery. He told me that he had shot before, but it had been so long ago that he wasn’t quite sure where to start.  He also told me that he had a bow, but he wasn’t quite sure if it was safe, as it was very old.  We talked a couple of times and I made arrangements to meet them at their house.  After packing up my truck with all the equipment I thought I might need to help them out, I got directions and was on my way.

Upon arrival I was greeted with great enthusiasm.  They were very excited. Bill brought his bow out to show me what he had. Honestly his bow was so old that I had never seen one like it. I was pretty sure with the string as old as it was, it was not safe to pull back. I retrieved the bows that I brought for them to try out.  It was a beautiful day and they had a beautiful backyard. It was the perfect setting. We sat down at their patio table under a huge oak tree. Per their request, I went over the equipment with them and explained what they would be doing. They were both very attentive and eager to learn. They were looking forward to shooting in their backyard and having another hobby to experience together.

After going over everything with them, Elaine said that she would like to go first.  After fitting her with the appropriate safety gear and showing her the proper stance, Elaine let her arrow fly. The smile she and Bill shared was completely worth the drive over there. After a few more shots, it was Bill’s turn. Bill shot several rounds of arrows. I spent a couple of hours visiting and letting them take turns shooting. They were both very eager to hear about the different bows on the market. After determining what exactly they would be using their bows for, we discussed several different brands and options for them.

About a week later I got a phone call and several pictures of their new bows and their target with arrows in it. They were completely hooked.  Since our visit they let me know that they have introduced another couple that they frequently hang around with to archery, both the husband and wife.  The last time I talked to Bill he had signed himself up for an archery course at the local college. He is thoroughly enjoying his new hobby.  I was so honored and privileged to have even crossed their mind when they decided to take on this new hobby and evidently new passion. 

Michelle Webb is a member of the Shoot Like A Girl Shooting Staff. To read more information on Michelle CLICK HERE

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