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Women of Inspiration – Ginger Morehead

Shoot Like a Girl is running a series of articles about women who inspire us to participate in shooting sports.  These women have achieved, or are in the process of achieving, legacy status in the industry.  Our featured Women of Inspiration come from the Pro-Staff shooters for Hunter Safety System, a company dedicated to ensuring the safety of all of us tree stand hunters.  We were able to get together with Ginger Morehead of Stayin’ Safe w/Jessie and Ginger for our second featured Woman of Inspiration in this series.

Ginger Morehead is definitely another girl that we should look to for inspiration.  A lifelong hunter, she has turned her passion into a thriving lifestyle, a winning career as a competitive archer and a television celebrity.   I had seen Ginger at archery tournaments, and spoken with her briefly before, but never to the level of our interview.  It was exciting for me to see another woman who is unapologetic about her desire to win…and when I say win, it isn’t to beat everyone else that she strives for, but to do her personal best, to continue to improve her skills.  Although, with all the wins she has, it is a question as to what next?  She has been Shooter of the Year 6 Times, World Champion 7 Times, National Triple Crown Champion 8 Times and won the NFAA Championships 10 times!  That is a lot of wins, and a ton of practice! 

Ginger started shooting when she was four or five.  She grew up on a ranch, where hunting was part of the lifestyle, her family hunted, including her mom and her sister.  She hunted with a bow when she was nine years old.  She had a Bear recurve bow, and took her fist doe.  In case you were wondering, her first harvest was with a gun at six years old!  During college Ginger was not that involved in shooting sports, but thanks to her sister, Madeline (who is a retired police officer and competed in the Police Olympics) a Christmas present of a bow, turned out to be the contributing factor to her success today.

Talking to Ginger about hunting was definitely inspiring too.  Like many of the ladies we have talked to, Ginger’s best hunting memories involve her family.  Her favorite adventures have been over the last several years while hunting and filming with her husband Jesse.  She likes to film him on camera.  She also isn’t afraid to say she likes the harvest.  She thinks hunting bear is a great time, and she killed a 150 inch buck – watching him come across the field and getting to share that experience with Jessie, well, when pressed that is the favorite experience so far.  I must say, her explanation of hunting summed it up, “It is a combination of both, sunrise, sunset, nature at its best, but the harvest is the icing on the cake.”  Returning to her very competitive side, she wants to get something.

Focusing on Hunter Safety System, she stresses the importance of wearing harness.  She says, “Every year more and more people that we know and more that we don’t know get hurt, and it is so sad because the equipment is there and people don’t take advantage of it.”  She adds, “Most important is the life line, it keeps you attached from time you leave the ground to when you get back to the ground.”   Ginger, a lifelong hunter, has luckily never fallen without her vest on.  She talked about two stories that could have resulted in injuries, but for the Hunter Safety Vest. 

Ginger’s recommended equipment list is quite long (you will see some of Shoot Like a Girl’s Sponsors here too)  Straight from Ginger:  “Hunter Safety System (I love the new Lady Pro Series!!); Mathews (The Jewel is the best lady’s hunting bow ever!!); Muzzy (I use the 75 grain 3 blade Muzzy…love them!); Realtree (They have so many cute items for ladies!!); Easton (I hunt with the Axis 500…light and durable…great for low-poundage bows!!  I shoot 3D with the Lightspeed 500 for same reason!!); Bohning (They have small vanes for small arrows and in every color you can imagine!!); Viper (The best hunting sight and target scope on the market!!); and Millennium Treestands (the most comfortable stand you’ll ever use!!)”

Ginger Morehead talked about the benefits to women who get involved in shooting sports.  She reminds us that shooting sports are a lifetime activity that can start real young and go into old age.  Shooting sports are an outstanding family activity that will give the entire family something they can do together.  More often than not, women are the most lacking of the family to participate, she disagrees that there is a stigma that it isn’t feminine, because nothing looks better than an armed woman.  Once women get into it they can teach their children.  When dad isn’t part of the family due to divorce or death, it is up to the moms to carry on traditions with their children.

If ladies are interested in getting involved, she recommends the need to go to a good reputable pro shop, especially with archery.  Visit with people who are educated to fit them to the right equipment.  Specialty Pro Shops will have someone to help ladies shoot, and give them good instructions.

When Ginger isn’t filming, competing or practicing she enjoys spending time with her family, fishing and watching their 11 year old son, Jacob wrestle and play football.  I asked Ginger if she has anything else she wanted to add to this article.  Her statement when I look back at my notes is so true.  She stated that there is an entire world out there that most women don’t know about (shooting sports).  She was blessed to get involved with Jesse and Susan Thomas Davis to get into the competition side in archery, rifle and pistol.  She states that the shooting sports world is waiting for us to enter and enjoy the rights the we’ve been given through our constitution; that the more we can get involved, the more we can stand up for our rights and protect them from being taken from us.  She stressed that competitive archery isn’t just for professionals, that there is a place for everyone, amateurs and beginners are welcome.  And even though she likes to compete to do her best, she ended that it really is not only about the competition, but the biggest part of it are the people and friends you make.  So get out there and have fun!   

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  1. Enjoyed reading the story of your hunt and like you said, Focusing on Hunter Safety System, “Every year more and more people that we know and more that we don’t know get hurt, and it is so sad because the equipment is there and people don’t take advantage of it.”read more:

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