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Walther PDP – Performance Duty Pistol

At Shoot Like A Girl, we sometimes get “perks” with the job.  We travel to great places, meet awesome people, and sometimes we get to shoot the latest new firearms on the market.    While the rest of the country was dealing with an almost country wide snowstorm in February, me, Karen and the instructor team were working in sunny Florida; and we experienced all of the perks of the job…. Including, shooting the new Walther PDP!

The Shoot Like a Girl 2021 Home of the Brave Tour kicked off in Fort Myers FL. On our break in between Bass Pro Fort Myers and Bass Pro Daytona for the Daytona 500, the team, Melanie Bolke, Dr. Lisa Orrick-Martinez, Ashleigh Mallard (our photographer), Karen Butler and I took a day and headed over to Trade Craft Range at Force Center. It’s not often you can use an abandoned prison as a range and backdrop for a photo shoot with the new Walther PDP. We were all eager to shoot this newest and innovative addition to the Walther line of guns especially since Cody Osborne, Marketing Manager for Walther stated, “We really wanted to push the boundaries of what was offered in a duty gun. Our main goal, and messaging for the product has revolved around us manufacturing the best performing pistol so the customer can be ready for anything that comes their way. We packed this gun full of features and priced it under $650.”

Melanie hit the Bullseye with the Walther PDP

One by One we geared up and walked to the shooting line and carefully inspected each feature of the new PDP. At first glance you instantly can see features like the Performance Duty Grip Texture A premium, yet functional grip texture that provides and aggressive surface to help maintain proper grip performance and the Super Terrain Serrations, uniquely designed protruding serrations on the slide allowing for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement. Out of the box the duty size was a balanced and ergonomic fit to each member on the team. Melanie was pleased at how comfortable the slide surface was along with how easy it was to rack. We were all pleasantly surprised with the smooth recoil. “ I loved the target re-acquisition” stated Karen Butler. Dr. Lisa mentioned, how smooth the trigger press was and she was extremely happy with weight since she had recently had her shoulder replacement surgery.

Walther PDP – Mom and daughter training together

Others features that stand out on the Walther PDP include that is it is Red Dot ready and also has Red Dot Ergonomics that help transition from fixed sights not only for the new Red Dot user but also great for veteran Red Dot users. We love this since Bushnell has the Reflex 250 to fit it.  For me, the combination of the size and balance of the weight, along with a smooth easy trigger, pushed the Walther PDP to the top of my “want” list.

Walther PDP – Dr. Orick-Martinez

Even though this is called a “duty” pistol, it is a great choice for civilian use as well.  What greater duty is there than defending your life and/or the lives of your loved ones.  This is a firearm definitely worth getting your hands on. The Walther PDP is now on display at the Shoot Like A Girl Gun Bar ; come check it out and join us for the Shoot Like a Girl experience. Click this Events | Shoot Like A Girl to see our 2021 Home of the Brave Tour stops and where you can experience Shoot Like A Girl and the check out the new Walther PDP.


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