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TrueTimber Camo

Early whitetail season in Mississippi can be very challenging due to weather conditions and the every changing foliage around you.  I dressed in my Truetimber Camouflage and headed to a stand that I had never hunted before.

It was set in the open and not a lot of cover.  I was hesitant but I was committed to the hunt.  Before long I had 7 deer around me from every angle.  I was out to harvest a mature doe and there were plenty to choose from. Anyone that has bow hunted will tell you that drawing on a mature doe is hard enough to do without getting busted.  Drawing on a mature doe with several others around is probably the hardest thing I have ever done bow hunting. I have to give credit where credit is due, my Truetimber Camouflage kept me incognito.  I was able to harvest a mature doe and after the shot some of the others were looking around to see what happened.

To my surprise, not one of them picked me off.  I have worn most every print of camouflage on the market, and none has blended so well with my surroundings.  I am a fan and would recommend Truetimber Camouflage to anyone.  It is available at Bass Pro Shops and Cabeala’s.

– Debi Martin, Archery Instructor

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