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The Lumen-Arrow by Lumenok

The Lumen – Arrow by Lumenok
by Amanda McGinnis

The Lumen – Arrow by Burt Coyote Lumenok is something that will from now on always be in my quiver. The arrows fly straight and true which combine for a comfortable, tight group. My favorite perk about the arrows is the visibility you get when shooting in low light. Whether you are hunting or just shooting in the yard, seeing your shot placement in low light has NEVER been easier. This is something that is very critical when out in the woods. You will never have to second guess your shot again with these arrows, the Lumenok shows it all for you. For more information or to order yours today go to

Amanda McGinnis is a Shooting Staff member of Shoot Like A Girl. To find out more about Amanda please visit the Pro Staff at
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