Sunglasses Are More Than Fashion

Sunglasses are more than fashion. What activities do you use your sunglasses for? Have you thought about the impact the lens color is making? This is something I have never considered until I read up on lens color and its purpose.

The reality is sunglasses are more than fashion.

It is the time of year where we all come out of our caves and begin to embrace the outdoors. Protecting ourselves from the sun is very important. When we think “Sun Protection” most of us think about our skin, but have you considered your eyes.

It’s bright and our eyes squint protecting us from this brightness and glare. When I pick out a pair of sunglasses to wear, I never consider what the color of the lenses might be doing, or that they even have a job. I usually pick them because I like the lens color with the frame.

Magpul has a great chart on lens color. The chart describes what the lens color’s purpose is as well as the ideal usage. They have colors that include, Green, Gray, Blue, Rose, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, some mirrored and some not.

Their sunglasses durable and offer ballistic protection. The frames are made of the strongest thermoplastic material. The lenses are made of an unbreakable polycarbonate that is the same as flight helmet visors and are treated to add scratch resistance as well as an anti-reflective coating.

They even offer a polarized option.

For me, my sunglass use is for everyday activities and some outdoor range time, and I love every lens color. Now that I know the colors have purpose, I will think more about selecting my daily sunglasses wear based off activity and not so much color coordination to what I am wearing. Sunglasses are more than fashion, they are protection.

You can check out the different lens colors and benefits at Magpuls Sunglasses Page.

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