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Shooting Tip – Trigger Pull – by Karen Butler

Hi!  I was shooting a Rimfire tournament the other day, not doing near a well as I wanted to.  I know what went wrong….lack of practice!  My lack of practice led to some very sloppy trigger pull in the rapid fire sitting position, I had a great group, just in the 8 and 9 ring at 9 o’clock; not the 10 ring.

Trigger pull should be consistent steady gradual pull and proper trigger finger placement.  I looked at the target and instantly knew what I did….I wrapped my finger too far into my trigger.  For best placement for a 22 rifle, you should use the middle of the last pad of the tip of your finger.  I unfortunately, could tell that I had used my finger at the first joint to pull…therefore, pulling the muzzle of my gun slightly left with each shot.  Uhgg….so the lesson here is practice more, and remember proper trigger pull!

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